Athletes' Village Overview


Dundee Kilmer Developments has brought together an outstanding team to design and build a leading, sustainable, modern and vibrant new neighbourhood.  The wisdom of our team has married design, function, construction, saleability and has created the layering that provides texture and animates a great neighbourhood.

The vision is the product of some of the greatest minds in the  business; Architects, Peter Clewes, Bruce Kuwabara, Renee Daoust, and Andrew Filarski; Interior design firm Munge Leung whose projects assure unique narratives that captivate and inspire; the visionaries at LiveWorkLearnPlay who created many villages for Intrawest; and the brilliant branding of cities that comes out of Bruce Mau Design along side our professional service firms, including Baker Real Estate and Montana Steele are all at the pinnacle of their respective fields and each have a long standing relationship with Dundee and Kilmer.

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The Canary District